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October 5, 2015
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Monica Mirabile.

Current location and where you come from.

I live in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. I lived in Baltimore, MD for 7 years. I was born in Clearwater, FL.

What do you do?

I am a choreographer, an artist and a poet.

I am half of a duo known as Fluct with Sigrid Lauren. Fluct is a collaboration addressing issues of capital control in American culture through original narrative soundscapes linking a manipulated pop music psychosis with violently intimate dance. I founded a performance space in Brooklyn called Otion Front Studio. I am also a performance liason and a curator of Stream Gallery in Brooklyn.

How long have you been doing what you do? Why did you start?

I started when i was very young while watching television, playing with dolls, building their homes and watching people nod. I watched a lot of people leave their bodies and i wondered why. I decided i wanted a strong poetic life form and i wanted it to surround me.

Fluct formed when Sigrid and i realized we both wanted to create propaganda through abstract narratives using absorbed content of control, lack of control, power, technology, romance, and our body. We have now been working together for over 4 years.

Otion Front Studio formed in April of 2014 as an extension of performance practice and wanting to create space available for other people making art through performance. It has been evolving for a year and a half and is now a fully functional rehearsal space where we hold intimate experimental performance and dance art events as well as a residency program.

Where is your favorite place to go for inspiration and why?

My favorite place is searching for model home walk-throughs on Youtube. I find a strange world here that encompasses the psychology of space and capital — it’s poetry.

What ideas, books, people, films, artists, etc are inspiring you personally or informing your work right now?

Right now, i’m interested in how we absorb information, how that information is processed internally, what the different processing units within our bodies feel like and what it looks like when we process something physically but not intellectually or emotionally. I am interested in the margins that these actions exist in.

I am reading Techgnosis by Eric Davis and rereading Civilization and its Discontents by Sigmund Freud. I just watched Existenz by David Cronenberg for the second time in a few years and loved how he incorporated game theory and augmented reality, blurring politics of revolution. I also recently re-watched Adam Curtis’ The Power of Nightmares. My work is very inspired by subliminal propaganda, so i find these directors to be very inspirational.

Who are your favorite people to collaborate with and what does collaboration bring to your work?

There is deep poetry in the squad. I have worked with incredible people: Sigrid Lauren, Dan Deacon, Pictureplane, MNDR, every person I’ve choreographed in SGH and BASIC, Bebe Yama & Jason, Becca of Chromat, Christine Tran of Witches; Gina, Kathleen, and Sarah of Otion Front, Jake Dibeler, Kyle and Alex of Signal Gallery,​Fin, Elise Gallant, Hayley Martel, Alex Drewchin of Eartheater, Erik and Rachel of Secret Project Robot. There are so many. I am a collaborator. These are all people i work with on the regular and people i love. I have learned so much from them and i’m excited to work with others. Collaboration proves that there is room for all of us, space is available.

Do you have any rituals or practices that help you get into the creative zone?

I sweat. I isolate by wearing headphones that are playing droney techno, spatial sound art or dubstep at highest volume as i run on the elliptical at Planet Fitness. When it’s done, i go to my studio and meditate through movement.

 If you could collaborate with anyone in the world (living or dead), who would it be and what would you do together?

David Lynch, Pina Bausch and Sigmund Freud. An immersive choreographed performance installation.

What’s been your career highlight?

The opening of Otion Front Studio and Model Home.

What do you think our generation’s creative legacy will be?

Augmented reality.

What’s the most memorable dream you’ve had recently?

I dreamt that i was sleeping in a house that in reality burned down when i was very young. The house was empty except for a bed. This house has repeated in my dreams my entire life and there has always been a part of the house that scares me. However, a while back, i had a dream that this house was being remodeled by the women who owned it and i stopped dreaming about it until about a week ago… I went to the scary part of the house and felt a presence that caused me to scream with a white roar. A friend of mine came out from one of the bedrooms with a switchblade and stabbed me in the thigh. I took the knife from his hand, held his head in my arms, and inserted the blade into a specific part of his head as i told him that the incision was being put into the part of his brain that would remind him of who he is because i knew who he was. Everything was then fine and i woke up.

Where are your favorite places to eat, drink, visit, or hang out in your city?

I’m obsessed with raw oysters and margaritas. I like to drink margaritas at HappyFun Hideaway where i also bartend. I’ve been going to The Spectrum to dance at a lesbian party called Dagger. I will attend every art show at Signal and Stream Gallery.

What’s something that you haven’t experienced yet that you want to?

A European tour… Creating choreography for the Oculus Rift.

Tell us a secret.

​I​ am transparent.

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