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Psychic Medium

April 14, 2016
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Calise Simone.

What do you do? 

I’m a medium.

What was your relationship with the idea of “psychic energy” or mediums in general like when you were a child? What were your parents’ views on the subject?

As a child I didn’t really know what to think.  I didn’t know what a medium was until I was about 17.  Religion was never a big part of my life so I grew up mostly atheist.  As a child I didn’t believe in the spirit world at all. By the time I got to my teenage years I was certain there was no such thing as God and that when you die, you die — that’s it.  My parents were more open-minded, however, and it was my mother that first introduced me to the idea of synchronicity and that things happen for a reason.  She is trained in crystal healing so I understood the idea of spirituality but thought of it as something ‘nice’ rather than something that was real.  We would have funny coincidences in the family like knowing when the other was going to call or have dreams about things that came true.  My dad would always see 11:11 and played around with pendulums, but we didn’t really talk about it as anything serious – it was just our ‘normal crazy family’.

When did you first notice a certain ability?

I had been having spiritual experiences my whole life, always knowing how things would work out and what was going to happen next… but it wasn’t until I was 19 that I realized something was actually going on.  I was quite blind to it all. One night, I had three very vivid dreams.  One of them was about a close friend. In the dream, he was absolutely distraught with grief and stress. He is normally a very relaxed person, so with fear of sounding like a total nutcase I took a chance and called him up the next day to see if he was OK.  I didn’t go into too much detail with him, but he said he was fine and nothing was wrong. So we brushed it off. The next two days the other two dreams came true.  On the third day that same friend called me back in a panic and the first thing he said was “Are you a psychic or something??” In one day he had lost a close family member, a job had fallen through, and his Visa was in jeopardy. We were both pretty amazed. That was the point at which I realized something bigger was going on. 

Did it scare you at first?

The psychic impressions and dreams not so much — I thought it was really cool as I would wake up ‘knowing’ certain events that were going to happen. When they did, I’d be armed and ready. The spirit world, however, REALLY freaked me out.  As a child I would be horrified seeing faces coming out of the wall and hearing voices of those in the spirit world.  This mainly happened at night. My parents justified it by saying I needed to stop watching so many cartoons and that there are no such things as monsters.  I don’t blame them — neither of us knew any better.  I eventually managed to tune it out, but every now and then even in my teenage years I’d see something or hear something and get the creeps. 

How did your family feel about this once you identified that it was something you couldn’t ignore?

My mom was excited as her sister and my cousin had recently started doing a lot of psychic work.  By that time, my mom and I had discovered that spiritual abilities ran in our family and dated back several generations to medieval times. We were once witches! My dad was quite uncomfortable with the whole thing.  He stayed respectfully open-minded, however, saying things like  “People deal with grief in different ways” and “Whatever makes you happy”. My sister didn’t want to know about it.  She is extremely intuitive herself, but finds the topic very uncomfortable. Until very recently she wouldn’t speak to me about it at all. 

How did you start the process of doing it professionally?

Well, it was never my plan to do this work! I had, and still have, so many other aspirations. But once spirit chooses you – that’s it. You’re in. You can’t un-grow the tree.  After a series of physical mediumship experiences I found myself in an intuitive development class in New York, trying to make sense of it all.  As part of the class, we would read for each other.  My fellow classmates asked me if I could read for them privately.  Then, their friends wanted readings and their friends and families wanted readings… Before I knew it I was running a business! People seem to find me when they need me.  I’ve been featured on TV, radio, podcasts and worked with a number of high-profile celebrities.  It’s a very fun job.

How long have you been doing it at this point?

Unofficially, my whole life.  Professionally – about 5 years.

Does the experience of a reading feel intimate for you?

Yes, definitely. Things will come out in a reading that a client wouldn’t even tell a therapist.  I often find myself having to navigate through peoples’ deepest, darkest secrets.  It can be intense, but that’s when the greatest amount of healing can be done.  I can see peoples’ faces change after a reading, whether they’re letting go of the past or finally finding a way to move forward. It’s amazing. 

I always ask my clients to remember that the messages and information that comes out during a reading is from spirit, not from me personally. I’m just the conduit.  I very rarely remember what was discussed.  I’ll experience the energy, but I hardly ever remember the messages. Because of that, I always encourage clients to take notes during a reading.

What should a client expect when asking for your services?

As a psychic, I receive impressions of a client’s life — past, present and future.  I see possibilities, probabilities and opportunities. Based on certain decisions, I am able to see how different paths can unfold. It’s up to the client to then decide accordingly how they wish to move forward. 

As a medium, I connect to the spirit world and am able to bring through messages from loved ones who have passed.  During a reading, I will usually do a combination of both modalities – I’ll connect to loved ones and to the client.  I follow the energy however it comes through on the day.

Advice for first time readings?

The best readings will happen when you keep an open mind. It’s really important to let a reader finish the message before you react.  Information can come through in a fragmented way and if you cut off your reader before they’ve finished, you can break the energy which can make it very difficult to finish the message.

Sometimes the messages won’t make sense until after the reading, particularly if it is regarding future events.  Sometimes a spirit will give me specific details about their lives that not even the client knows.  Then it can be very confusing.  Once a spirit showed me a teddy bear with a red heart.  The client recognized that she had received a teddy bear from this person in life, but didn’t understand the red heart.   When she went home to look at the teddy bear again she was shocked to see it had a red heart on its ear that she had never noticed before.

How often do you suggest a client get a reading?

Readings can be an amazingly helpful navigation tool in moderation.  I usually suggest clients come no more that once every 6-12 months.  You need to take time to see how your life unfolds between significant events.  I ask people to use these readings as a reference point rather than a crutch for decision making. 

Interview by Hillary Sproul

Photos by James Parker

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