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What is Creators Connect and why should I be a part of it?
October 6, 2014
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Need to find the right projectionist for a performance? A hair stylist in a foreign country for a test shoot? Need help art directing your independent publication? New in town or traveling and want to meet some fellow writers?

What is Creators Connect about?

Creators Connect began two years ago in response to the lack of trustworthy options for meeting like-minded creators for one-off, long-term, and casual collaboration. Our initial idea of utilizing the internet to introduce new collaborators evolved into a passion for creating community and family between people actively creating all over the world. We believe that the delineation between different creative communities (i.e. writers versus filmmakers vs designers etc.) is a thing of the past, and that all creators should belong to the same mutually supportive tribe. We invite you to join us in co-creating this worldwide community wherein inspiring people of all different skill-sets— from musicians to yogis to pastry chefs — can cultivate life-long creative alliances and friendships with people they might not have necessarily met by chance. It is our sincerest belief that creative collaboration is one of the most vital human relationships, and we look forward to helping cultivate a world where everyone can easily find their partners in creative crime.

Creators Connect is an independent community for creators by creators and we are creating this holistic, ever-evolving community in line with what we want for ourselves. We look forward for your input on how we can best serve you.

How do we currently exist?

Currently Creators Connect exists as a free iPhone app (now in Beta — request an invite below), an online magazine which seeks to give voice to and champion our community, and free quarterly print ‘zine “Creators Connect Journal.” We are also an offline initiative that brings our community together IRL via events. Our biannual #CREATIONISLOVE parties are multi-sensory extravaganzas that feature live musical performances, poetry, art installations, performance art, tarot, DJs, and much more. We are also planning creative retreats, salons, and gallery shows — opportunities for our community to meet new people, hang out, branch out, and exchange ideas in person. Apart from being just a tech source for meeting new collaborators, we seek to actively celebrate the humans that make our community what it is.

What is the Creators Connect app? 

Creators Connect app — our way of easily introducing you to collaborators wherever you are in the world — is currently in its Beta phase. If you are interested in being considered for Beta membership, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Currently Creators Connect app enables you to:

1. Create a profile and multimedia portfolio utilizing content sourced from Tumblr, Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook (more options coming soon.)

2.  Browse other creators’ portfolios based on desired skills and location.

3. Choose to “Pass” (swipe left), “Save” (swipe right) or “Collab” (instant message) for each creator shown to you.

4. Build your own network of “Saved” collaborators that is filterable by skill-sets

What is (a.k.a where are you now)?

Every day we come into contact with so many creatively fearless people and their equally inspiring projects. As a result, our online magazine, was born in order to celebrate and champion these people, projects, and ideas. We are committed to profiling creators of all different skill-sets, interests, and ages in order to give insight into creative processes across the board. If you want to be featured, submit your latest collaborations to

What is Creators Connect Journal? 

In the spirit of ‘90s fanzines/magazines like Cheap Date and Grand Royal, Creators Connect Journal (our soon-to-launch free print fanzine) will offer a fun, guerilla, and somewhat irreverent take on succeeding as a creative.  It will feature  — among other things —  advice, wisdom, life-hacks, quizzes, horoscopes, ways to make things happen on a budget, and how-to lists from creators both well-known and up-and-coming.  We seek to showcase creativity and processes across all disciplines – whether it be music, photography, art, yoga, archeology, or publishing — and recognize that behind-the-scenes knowledge is power. Whether it be advice on how to make a record on a budget, how to throw a “rent is due” party,  or how to remain true to your vision under pressure, Creators Connect Journal will be an invaluable resource forcreators at all stages of their career.

Creators Connect Journal will be available for free at numerous New York art spaces, restaurants, bars, retail locations, and more. If you are interested in contributing, email


You = us. We want to collaborate!

What will make Creators Connect a force that can change the world? You! Want to collaborate with us or join our cause? Feel the same passion that we do for connecting people? Want to collaborate with us on an event? Let’s do something! Email us at to see how we can work together.

Have questions, comments or feedback?  We cant wait to hear from you. Email us at and we’ll get back to you asap.

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