Creators Connect is a symbiotic community of worldwide creators of all skill-sets and interests who are interested in meeting new collaborators. Currently we exist as a free iPhone app, an online magazine which gives voice to our community, and free print ‘zine. We  fill the gap for a fun and easy way to meet creative kindreds wherever you are in the world. Need to find the right projectionist for a performance? A hair stylist in a foreign country for a test shoot? Need help art directing your independent publication? New in town or traveling and want to meet some fellow writers? Creators Connect helps you do all of those things and, eventually, more. We seek to bring people from all the different creative tribes together to create what this world needs. We are an App and website for creatives by creatives and are creating this ideal, ever-evolving community in line with what we want for ourselves. So get connected and meet your new partners in creative crime.


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